Questions to Ask Yourself for Thursday

Graduates, this semester asks you to explore how you might successfully construct a ‘challenge’ to the discipline of Industrial Design that takes the form of a unique research question that hasn’t been asked before.

You can worry about this later, but a fully formed question is unlikely to pop into your head so investigating, reflecting and iterating are good ways to discover and refine your ‘challenge’.

Practicing these actions is important so that you recognize good and bad decisions so you can make or repair them quicker.

This project has been about Big Data and Service Design, two issues that have bewildered many thesis adventurers.

On Thursday I want you to present 3 things and some answers…

An engagement mechanism and a user experience and a complete system map.

I have posted 5 ‘evidence’ based engagement mechanisms on the blog:

And just because I received it on Sunday:

I also want you to ask yourself:

Who does your design benefit and why? (I would like you to include the City and a user)

Where would you take this project from here and why?

What aspects from your project work would you keep and why?

Professor Law


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