User Experience

Idea: a site that allows locals to curate their own adventure lists according to themes, activities, price points, neighborhood etc… The Site encourages the web as a tool for real world exploration by connecting residents to one another and revealing parts of the city which remain under accessed. There are an untold number of things to do/see even in the smallest towns but it often takes a local to help sift through points of interest. The web is a wonderful tool but it has a tendency to be anonymous and undiscriminating. The web is unlikely to know that secret rope swing over the Manchester river or how to order off the secret menu of the local bakery; that’s where the role of an online neighbor comes in. Through this forum the strange, the seasonal, and the small scale are added to what is often a stale hitlist of main attractions. Will everybody be interested in "Grilled cheese Sundays: The Best of the City"? Not necessarily, but by providing a forum that encourages niche lenses to view urban space, the chance of engaging in a more meaningful, tailored experience increases.

~Natasha Franks


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