Urban Service Design: Marty Laurita

Initially, my research led me down the path of bike sharing:

Barclays Cycle Hire

The idea of people connecting to one another in public spaces was interesting to me. This research got me thinking about traffic and how that relates to service design…

Which led to this…


and this…


Which got me thinking, what if…

Crosswalks could generate power in a fun and engaging way?

Imagine a public service that installed “soft crosswalks” filled with liquid. As people and vehicles passed over them, the force of the moving liquid would drive a water turbine, generating power for areas of high traffic.

At the end of the crosswalk would be a readout, telling people how much power has been generated in that crossing, or by cars passing over the generator. The crosswalk could also monitor traffic levels, as well as power output, and push that information to a website where it could be monitored by the public.

This system uses piezoelectrics for a similar purpose.

If you have links that relate to this post, share them in the comments!


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