Urban Service Design Ideas: Diana Wagner

What can be checked out and returned in a library format?

– A library for toys! Popular in the US

What can be loaned from person to person?
i.e. bike share, car share etc.)

– Your own back yard! For the ultimate urban camping experience
(Concept currently becoming popular in the UK)

What types of things do we do in intervals through out the day that need direction, navigation or signage?
Reducing the dependence on smart phones: people becoming aware of their surroundings.

Signs posting walking distances between destinations in an urban context

– Where is the next trash can or recycling bin located when walking in the city?
– Where is the next public restroom? e.g. Portland, OR’s success with public toilets

How to attract people to a city by highlighting its strengths?
(i.e. visit Providence over Boston)

Article: Will New Urbanism help the way on obesity?
– An application for a smart phone to map the best bike route in a city using primarily bike lanes. Because bike lanes are limited in many cities the hope is the use of this app will influence local government to support the construction of new lanes.

Using a format like a Bake Sale, what can individuals do to raise money for an alternate cause?

– Great American Bake Sale to end childhood hunger


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