Diana and Natasha: Group 2: Advanced Secondary Research

Advanced Secondary Research

Think Tanks to Ponder

2. Demos | Publication: The Civic Long Tail

The Long Tail: example in business strategy, selling less of a large variety of goods (e.g. Amazon)
The Civic Long Tail: The mass of civic ideas and concerns should be made public so movement can form around specific goals and needs

Demos: Ideas and actions to promote the common good. Demos is a think thank focused on, "everyday democracy", they believe people should make personal choices that contribute to the common good. As a think thank they generate ideas and distribute them to organizations to use to their benefit and the benefit of society.

Books and Magazines to Peruse

2.Recreating Offline Retail in an Online World: 10 Questions with Sephora Digital’s Julie Bornstein


Sephora is introducing technology into their brick and mortar stores to make the transition between shopping online and shopping in the retail store seamless

New ipad app. matches your skin tone with the Pantone skin colors to match with the right shade of Sephora makeup for every individual
Use technology to make the consumer smarter about their purchases

Ted Things to Watch

2. TED Talk: Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government

Giving people a platform to help people help themselves
Open source approach to peoples needs
Examples from the city of Boston and the New Urban Mechanics apps.


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