Otillia Bi Kim and Diana Wagner: 9 Food and 20 Government Data

Million Trees NYC
…a PLANYC initiative with NYC Parks and New York Restoration Project


Who are the participants in this service?
A public and private program sponsored by the City of New York’s, 132 PlaNYC initiative
– Supported by NYC parks and public spaces, private organizations, homeowners, and community organizations.

– For the citizens of New York City and the five boroughs and the surrounding environment

What affordance of this service generates value?
(What is the Minimum Viable Product?)

Planting one million tress will increase urban forestry which includes, street trees, park trees, and trees on public, private, and commercial land.
– Benefits to people quality of life and the environment

– The minimum viable product is the presence of one million new trees in the greater NYC area but the intangible product is a benefit to the entire city


How is the service’s differentiating factor communicated?
(What is the Unique Selling Point?)

The website is home to the opportunity to, plant a tree, donate funds to support the planting of a tree or adopt a tree.
– All trees that have been planted are posted, currently, 612,277

– There are links for Care of trees as well as education tools for youth and adults

What is the User Experience UX?
(What are the Touch Points?)

– The website provides a short video about the initiative
– The home page is indicates clear links for
"I’m Planting", "I’m Donating" and "I’m Adopting"

– Purchasing products help to support to cause

What Infrastructure or Ecology does the service require?

– This initiative involves people from all over the city, the Parks Department and New York Restoration Project
– This system requires people to donate funds or adopt a tree or register a tree you have planted

– The community is encouraged to volunteer in planting efforts
– New Yorkers will benefit from this when the tress are planted because they will help to clean the air, reduce pollutants, and provide shade in the streets, sidewalks and homes in the summer.


Food on the table: http://www.foodonthetable.com/
Brooklyn grange farm: http://www.brooklyngrangefarm.com/


(Who are the participants in this service?)

Food on the table: Provides information and plans for people who want better and healthier meal plans.

Brooklyn grange farm: Encourage city dwellers to farm by providing city roofs in city. Also, urban youth could experience agriculture, food and environment through farm education.


(What affordance of this service generates value?)

Food on the table: Food makes up 12% of the household budget. If the family decrease that by just 10%, they could save lots of money. Therefore, tips provided can help them achieve those savings

Believes that cities could be more sustainable, so air can be cooler and waterways can be cleaner , and also believes that the 14% of our landfills comprised of food scraps should be converted into organic energy for plants around the city via active compost programs.


(What is the Unique Selling Point?)

Food on the table: Easy meal planning, Grocery List, Family meal planning, Grocery sales, To trim grocery budget.

Brooklyn grange farm: Leases roofs for farms, Organic principles, Connecting urban People with agriculture, food and environment through farm education


(What are the Touch Points?)

1. Have a plan
Take time to make a meal plan before you leave the house. Create your meal plan using the sales from your local grocery store. You can find the sales in the circular that comes to your house once a week, or most grocery stores publish their weekly sales online.

2. Bring a list
A list helps you save in many ways. When you have a list that is organized by department, you can get through the aisles quickly. This avoids backtracking and spending extra time in the grocery store. Studies show that for every minute over thirty (30) minutes you spend in the grocery store, you spend $1 per minute. When you follow your grocery list, you buy only what you need for the week. This saves you money on a per week basis and also reduces food waste at your house.

3. Shop smart
A grocery store is designed to encourage you to buy more. Compare products by price per unit rather than list prices. Eye level products can be more expensive than those on higher or lower shelves.

Brooklyn grange farm:

1. Aims to promote city farmers by providing them rooftops in cities.
2. Sells their produce directly to the community from several weekly farm stands, as well as to several local restaurants and retail stores. They have a forty-member CSA program through which we distribute shares from Mid-May through October.


(What Infrastructure or Ecology does the service require?)

Food on the table: Website, Nutritionists, Grocery stores, i-phone & Android application, Free, Categorized plans,

Brooklyn grange farm: Roofs, City dwellers, Farmers, Schedule calendar, SNS, Sign up to get updates.


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