Junior Open Urbanist Timetable

Fall 2012 Junior Timetable Version 07
14th September Project Launch Trip to Continuum Boston with guest speaker Nigel Jacob of New Urban Mechanics. Assigned research investigations for service design.
21st September Research and Mapping Day Assigned research investigations for local organizations and urban initiatives. Group research mapping. Presentation of initial primary research methods for developing and verifying customers. Assigned concept generation.
28th September Idea Day Present initial ideas. Presentation about representing service design as storyboards and other introductions to narrative and value. Set presentations.
5th October Presentations Day Work in progress presentations and grad presentations from previous week followed by desk critiques.
12th October Presentation Presentation of Service Concepts for Urban Issues to the City of Providence.
19th October Probes and Customer Development Launch Presentation, workshop and assignment to introduce ‘getting out of the building’ primary inspirational research and customer development and verification methods. Group discussion and desk critiques to develop ideas in response to feedback.
26th October Further Customer Development Further customer development with initial ideas, engagement and verification methods workshop followed by desk critiques.
2nd November Initial MVP Proposal (Post Halloween) Work in Progress summary and an inspired Minimum Viable Product pivot response. Presentation introducing video editing techniques and advanced narrative followed by desk critiques.
9th November MVP Pivot Work in Progress summary followed by desk critiques.
16th November Desk Critiques Minimum Viable Product modeling desk critiques and Thanksgiving verification video planning.
23th November Thanksgiving.
30th November Paper MVP Pivot Minimum Viable Product video desk critiques.
7th December MVP Final Critique Final presentation of Minimum Viable Product verification videos with accompanying research documents.
14th December Exhibition

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