Assignment 01 Teams

Team 1 (Investigate Subjects 12 and 13)

  • Lusine Ovanesyan
  • Karan Mudgal
  • Brandy Taylor

Team 2 (Investigate Subjects 04 and 09)

  • Sehee Lim
  • Ji Yeon Han

Team 3 (Investigate Subjects 11 and 14)

  • Yuezhou (Ivy) Hu
  • Kevin Cho
  • Harrison Telyan

Team 4 (Investigate Subjects 19 and 03)

  • Dakyung Kim
  • Sarah Oh

Team 5 (Investigate Subjects 18 and 10)

  • Fernando Diaz-Smith
  • Deesha Misraa

The research subject links to investigate are here:

Refer to the “five fundamentals of service design” guidelines posted on:

The assignment is here:

FYI: The team subject numbers are here:


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