Structured Peer Review and Feedback Version 01

Constructive reflection on your own work through the critique of others Understanding the importance of peer knowledge and instruction Effective, concise and clear presentation and participation


1. Your class will be broken into four separate groups.

2. With the other members of your group you will conduct a peer review of two other groups.

3. Each group member of your group will take responsibility for one member of each of the two other groups.

4. Consequently, when the class review takes place each person will receive two sets of peer generated review along with comments from the class Professor.

The Melody Scenario

Melody is part of group ‘A’ with 3 other students and they are tasked with peer reviewing the work of TWO other groups ‘B’ and ‘C’ who also consist of 4 members each.

Melody takes responsibility for one member from each of these groups. Raphael from group ‘B’ and Rodger from group ‘C’. Whilst her group is reviewing Raphael and Rodger’s work Melody takes notes and then writes up a brief synopsis of the feedback.

During the class review, when the Professor asks for Rodger’s feedback Melody reads out her brief synopsis. This is followed by further feedback for Rodger from another of her peers. Melody later repeats this process and gives the brief synopsis of the feedback for Raphael.


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