"Grockit is the social learning company that makes products that help people learn from other people…"

– Predicts scores for standardized tests
– Allows online study time from anywhere
– Online tutors and tutorial videos
– "Learnist" beta program combines pinterest and online learning

Stanford Education Experiment

CS221: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
– Pilot program, live class with 160,000 classmates
– No certificate, no credit
– Thousands of questions posted and answered
– Difficult to find answers to homework assignments
– 80% of students dropped out (130,000)

Community Boating Center

– Non-profit boating school
– Founded 1994
– Local Providence
– Membership program
– Makes boating accessible

School of One

– Completely personalized education
– "System" of education
– "feeding hamster" concept
– Students are free to go to different "stations" depending on their needs
– Level the playing field, algorithm changes depending on how the student does, and shifts their lesson plan accordingly

Khan Academy

– Started with with a guy who worked in finance, began tutoring his cousins remotely
– Started recording his lessons on youtube, gained popularity, started a non-profit
– Turning the education paradigm on its head
– Interactive metrics that can track a student’s progress, allow them to set their own goals
– Achievement badges


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