04 Retail (assignment 03)


– Online retailer of shoes, clothing, bags & handbags, at home, beauty and accessories.
– Mission: "to provide the best customer service possible"
– 365 day return policy
– Free shipping both ways
– Easy shopping categories, "narrow your search" by subcategory, size, color, brand, gender, etc.


– Strip-Appeal is a competition to stimulate the adaptive reuse of abandoned strip malls in communities and neighborhoods in American. The website provides information about the competition.

– In Seoul, Korea everything is in the city and very accessible without the use of a car. In America there are very big retail shops that you need to drive to. In Korea people buy things in the city where there are lots of stores in one place. A similar city to Seoul is New York City in America.

– Strip malls derived from the American obsession with the automobile, today in American cities have created more opportunities for mixed use retail/living spaces reducing the need for destination strip malls.

– Example: the Providence Place Mall in downtown Providence, where the mall is a multi level, indoor structure surrounded by hotels, additional retail and living space easily assessable in downtown Providence.

– Online shopping has reduced the need for store front retail.


– Online retailer of anything you want to buy online. "Earth’s most customer-centric company"


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