Open Urbanist Project Summary Version 05

Open Urbanist Special Topic Studio, Fall 2012, Industrial Design, Rhode Island School of Design.

The RISD Students will work with citizens of Providence and Boston, the Open Providence Commission, Continuum Design Innovation, Common Cause Rhode Island and the Mayor of Boston’s New Urban Mechanics department to create propositions for pioneering and empowering, tools and services for the open generation and application of digital and traditional data in complex and diverse, real world, city environments.

Firstly the studio will broadly investigate and define service, economic and city models and to inspire concepts for potential citizen and governmental tools. These product and service ideas and assumptions will then be rapidly verified through an iteration of “minimum viable products” whilst interacting with international service design professionals, pioneering public policy makers, national advocacy organizations, local entrepreneurs, world renowned technologists and most importantly real people.

The final outcome of the Open Urbanist Studio will be an inclusive collection of innovative product and service designs focused on issues important to the two cities and their residents.

The Open Urbanist studio is run by Andy Law and is a part of the Cluster for Open Data Research.


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